Count Your Blessings The Journey Of Self Love

The Here and Now

I thought writing a blog would be fun, easy and rewarding because I could encourage others to take steps to lose weight while keeping myself on the healthy lifestyle track as well. I love to write and I’ve learned how much I enjoy sharing stories of weight trials, tribulations and triumphs from leading my Weight Watchers meetings over the years. But wow, as I sit down to actually do it, I am finding it way more of a challenge than I expected!! The writing comes easy but the thought of putting it out there for all to read is very intimidating! Spell check is a beautiful thing but how I spell what I want to say on the topic of weight loss is the least of my worries!!! Such an emotionally charged issue and why does it still come with a healthy dose of embarrassment??? Very scary!! But as the brilliant, self-actualized Eleanor Roosevelt put it: “We must do the thing we think we cannot do.” So here goes….As active in weight maintenance as I have tried to be over the last several years, I have gotten to a point that I can no longer look away from as I reflect on 2008 and look forward into the fresh new year of 2009. Working for a successful weight management company, I am required to “officially” weigh in each month so I have a very accurate written record dating back to 2001 of where I have been and in what direction I am going on the scale. There is no denying it….over the last 3 years I have very gradually managed to gain about 10 pounds. If, as you read this, you are thinking “big deal, 10 pounds, who cares?” please stop reading this blog right now because it is not for you. I can’t begin to explain the complex issue of weight and why negative body image attacks some people’s self esteem and not others. All I know is that I am tremendously affected by my weight and managing it is a very important part of my well being. Ten pounds can turn into 25 before I know it. At a rate of 3 pounds per year I will have gained those 75 pounds back in time to celebrate my 62nd birthday, and it won’t matter that I kept it off 7 years prior to that day. “Big dea?l” Uh, YES. “Who cares?” I do. My hope is that those who chose to read this will innately understand what I am talking about without lengthy explanation. If you are like me, you will comprehend the magnitude of first of all, gaining 10 pounds (regardless of whether it took 3 years or 3 weeks to do!) and what it can do to your spirit day in and day out, secondly admitting to yourself you have actually gained the weight and it is not just “”water “” and finally POSTING IT ON THE INTERNET! AHHHHHH! I must be nuts!! Someone who has never waged the weight war will not get this and that is just fine. We each have our battles and although weight issues are more of a struggle at times than others, overall we CAN and ARE winning and we are better people for it. So that’s it. I am determined to lose 10 pounds and get back to the weight that I feel most comfortable being. I will be writing about the experience along the way to offer my support to anyone who wants to join me. I know enjoying the process of weight loss and weight management is KEY and for me, sharing and talking about a common goal is fun and productive. I am banking on our combined energy and excitement to turn this into yet another positive, fulfilling, learning experience for all of us that will be reflected on the outside by a weight that we feel good about. Watch out 2009…here we come!!!!”

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