The Journey Of Self Love

See You Soon!

“Today is the day and I’m excited! I get to lead my first Weight Watchers meetings of 2010! I can’t wait to see you guys! If you are doing great on your weight loss journey, we need you at the meeting so we can help you celebrate! If you did not finish out 2009 they way you would have liked, you need the meeting to lift your spirits to where they need to be so you can make positive change in your behaviors. The best way to succeed at anything is to surround yourself with others that are already getting the success you’re looking for. There is absolutely NO room for embarrassment or shame. I realize stepping on the scale is not fun, but burying our heads and pretending not to notice will only make it worse in the long run. The scale is ONE measure of our weight loss progress and only one. It NEVER determines our value or worth as a person. It is a measure by which we can gage change-that’s it. Everyone has their challenges and if weight control is yours, you are not alone nor do you have to settle for where you are at now. Today is a fresh start!!I’m not trying to be over dramatic but for as long as I live, I will never forget the way I felt walking into WW in January or 2001. I was 75 pounds heavier, scared, embarrassed and LESS THAN enthusiastic about what the future held for me. But it was the most amazing feeling to find a leader that I connected with, that I liked and who helped many, many others achieve the weight loss success I wanted. Attending her meetings was not only informative but actually fun and very inspirational because she was so good at bringing out the best in everyone and the group responded. Hard to believe that was 9 years ago this month!!! Shelly inspired me to try do the same thing she did for others when I achieved my weight goal and I’ve been striving to do that every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday ever since! Thanks Shelly-you are the best!!!——

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