The Journey Of Self Love

Get Back On The Horse!

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. ———–Margaret Thatcher Well, isn’t that the truth! Wow. I think many of us could be quoted as saying that one! We all have our own stories…..maybe you’ve lost the weight before but it has come back, or you’ve never lost it all but have been trying for as long as you can remember. Either way, the answer most certainly lies in persistence and patience. Anyone who has lost the weight and IS keeping it off will tell you that is a management process that ebbs and flows with the seasons of your life. Its something we can constantly adjust bases on what we learn from our experiences over time. The path to success is found in just keeping at it and doing your best to really enjoy the journey, rather than fight it. See the changes you are making as the reward-NOT a punishment! It feels good to eat the right portion sizes and foods, to move around more and to be well hydrated. There is no pain or deprivation in living this way! If you feel you’ve gotten a bit off course lately, just remember…… “When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”. Get back on the horse by getting in to our meeting, weigh-in (I know it’s painful but once you do it, you can have a fresh start with a brand new week) and then sit back and take in all the positive energy that everyone shares. Bring a notebook and pen and jot down some of the good ideas, recipes, foods and tips that you hear. It will be 30 minutes WELL SPENT–I promise!!!!!! Never and I mean NEVER allow embarrassment, pride or shame keep you from our WW meeting. Whatever your situation, good or bad, I guarantee you someone in that room has experienced the same thing. No judgment, no criticism, no whining, no excuses……just forward moving thoughts and action.——

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