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How Can YOU Make This Easy?

“To achieve your goals, make the right thing to do the easy thing to do.” Mehmet Oz, MD If this is a life style, it better be convenient! Make healthy living as easy as possible to stick to by being prepared. Often fast food or poor food choices occur because of lack of planning. A little thinking ahead goes a long way. Anticipate-It’s really not difficult! Throw an apple and a 2 Point bag of almonds in your bag to ward off hunger, carry a case of bottled water in your trunk along with an older or extra pair of walking shoes for when an unexpected few minutes of free time arises and you can walk a little, stash a couple packets of low cal salad dressing in your purse for when the only choices are high calorie, full fat dressings, make it a habit and priority to prepare at least one vegetable to have on hand all week to take the edge off hunger. You get the idea! Take 5 minutes to think of other ways you can set yourself up to succeed. Living healthy isn’t “hard”, it’s just a change from what we might be used to. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust and keep surrounding yourself with people who support your efforts and are living the same way. It’s fun to be part of the “healthy life style club” and before you know it your weight will also reflect all your positive changes!!!!

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