The Journey Of Self Love

Live and Learn

“Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster.. ———–Agor, Weston H. ********* If you don’t like some of the choices you made yesterday, think about why they seemed like what you wanted at the time (because they did or you wouldn’t have made or rationalized them!) and then commit to NOT making the same choice today. Maya Angelo said “When we know better, we do better”. The learning process requires trial and error, so don’t be discouraged by the “error” part. Use it to modify your behavior.—-Maybe last night that Peanut Buster Parfait at DQ after the baseball game (btw, feel free to substitute your own trigger foods in my examples-I’m acutely aware that the majority of my examples revolve around sweets-I like to write about what I know!!!) sounded like a good idea at the time but afterwards or this morning you are realizing it really was not worth it. Don’t beat yourself up or let your evil twin tell you that you failed. Instead decide right now, with a clear head, what would have been a better choice. If you say a glass of water, I’m going to encourage you to rethink that choice to make sure it’s realistic. Maybe it is, but maybe it isn’t, just be realistic and put some thought into it.————- This applies to anything you did or didn’t do yesterday, last week or for the last several years! If you have not gotten any time to yourself lately to walk or garden or do whatever you enjoy for activity, ask yourself why. Then start to re-prioritize your schedule TODAY to accommodate yourself. This will be so much more productive and healthy than running the same old tape over in your head of “I never have time to workout and I must just be lazy.” None of that statement is even true!!!!!!! But it sure is a good excuse not to do anything different. If we want different results, we can analyze the choices we made and modify them to change the outcome.——–“Live and learn” as they (not sure who) say!!! Make it a great day. Summer is upon us, it’s a new stage in our lives and another fresh start. Let’s embrace it and enjoy the process! See you all at the meetings this week!

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