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The Journey

One Foot in Front of the Other

“Knowledge of the path cannot be substituted for putting one foot in front of the other.———–Richards, M. C. *********** Let’s face it, we all pretty much know WHAT to do to be healthy. The challenge doesn’t lie in lack of information or knowledge. The challenge lies in putting it into practice and living it daily. A common mistake is to try to change everything over night and all that does is set us up for failure and disappointment. No one is going to change years of behaviors in one fell swoop. It’s a process and the key ingredient is persistence. Pick ONE healthy change you want to make and focus on bringing it into your daily life consistently. I don’t have a crystal ball but my prediction is that some days will be stellar and other days you might not do so well, but if you are going to master the skill you must start fresh and start over each day. Starting fresh is a privilege and an opportunity and in no way a punishment. Getting back on the horse each day is what life is all about!!——- Go back to my 80/20 rule….if you make good choices 80 percent of the time you need not get hung up by the 20 percent that isn’t optimal. “One foot in front of the other”—that’s all it takes. You can’t even do more than that if you want to, so don’t stew over the big picture! You only have control over this moment! Just make good choices TODAY and little by little you will transform your behaviors, your patterns, your outlook and ultimately your life. How’s that for BIG results??——A BIG shout out to all the many of you who attended my Weight Watchers meetings last week because your results we phenomenal! Leading your meetings is a bright spot in my week, let me tell you! I leave the meetings so inspired-so thank you!! The biggest weight loss goes to my Friday, 930am meeting in St. Charles–the combined members’ weight loss totaled 108 pounds!!!!!!! YES-108 pounds lost!! WOW! WAY TO GO!——–Enjoy the long weekend and the gorgeous weather. This is what we longed for all winter, so NO ONE even dare say it’s too hot!!-

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