The Journey Of Self Love

No More Opposite Day For King Cole OR You!!!

“If you’re asking yourself why you’re so miserable at times, its because you’re telling yourself a story that isn’t true, but you believe it. Don Miquel Ruiz*********** When it comes to weight loss issues and breaking ingrained patterns of unhealthy habits, to do so can feel like an emotional roller coaster. One minute we can feel so proud and strong for saying NO to consuming something that doesn’t fit our goals that we feel a great love for our healthy lifestyle change. Then, without any notice, maybe even the same day (or hour!!) we feel a tense sensation overcome us because we start to think we can’t do what it takes to be healthy or lose weight. Maybe we start lamenting about how long this process is going to take. We may start saying to ourselves how these victories and changes are so small they will take forever to add up. Or maybe it is a food temptation. Somedays it feels like a hurdler’s race….challenge and after challenge being thrown at us. Shortly after we bypass one tempting food, another craving or urge comes up that we have to deal with and we are back at that cross road of “Should I or shouldn’t I?”Go back with me to the idea of this being your story. You know–the one you’re telling yourself as you’re maneuvering each hurdle. In the case of can and cannot have foods. Stop for a brief moment and ask yourself: do you REALLY want the food in question or is it just a habit that you eat it at this time of day or in this emotional circumstances? Do you want it because you are hungry or do you want it because you think you SHOULDN’T want it??? If your story is “Oh, another food I ‘Can’t’ have”, or time that your “shouldn’t eat” it might be your story that’s actually making you want it!!!! Come on, when you make anything “off limits” it all of the sudden boosts it’s importance and make it way harder to pass up!!! When Cole, my 14 year old, was little he went through a stage where everyday was opposite day. For weeks it never failed that he chose the exact opposite of what he was being offered or what we were doing. If I asked if he wanted to go to the park, he would say no. If I said we couldn’t go to the park that day, he would cry because that’s all he wanted to do. It got to the point of being ridiculous and even he (King Cole, as we lovingly coined his nickname to be) would start to laugh at his reasoning. To this day when he is being difficult we remind him of his “opposite days” phase and he usually gives in and starts being reasonable again. Is there any chance you could change your story to say “If I really want any food, I can have it, but I just don’t need it. For today, I’m going to pass on it because I don’t like feeling bloated or over stuffed”. Isn’t that a different and more healthy mentality than thinking you CAN’T ??? Whatever you are telling yourself about this life change you are making is a STORY and you, my friend, are the author. Think for a moment about what I’m saying. You can put a positive spin, a happy spin or a miserable spin on any life experience you chose. I know this journey is tough but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of good going on at the same time and it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Sometimes it is absolutely imperative that we step in and interrupt or evil twin when she is going on and on with a negative “story”. We just have to stop and say NO, out loud and put an end to the negative self talk. Today isn’t opposite day, so don’t behave in ways that are the exact opposite of the way you want to be. Old habits don’t have to be part of the new, healthier person we’ve become. Can’t wait to see everyone at tomorrow’s meetings!!!!!!!!!! If I forget, please ask me about the energy ball at the meeting. It’s something we’ve been doing on Friday mornings and the response has been terrific and I want to share it with all my meetings!!!!

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  • Barb Goldschmidt
    May 7, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.