The Journey Of Self Love

Nike Tells It Like It Is

“Just do it. -Nike The only thing worse than not having a goal to keep us on track, is setting the same goal over and over and then never doing what it takes to see it through. I can’t stand that! If we aren’t achieving the goal we keep setting, we either need to do something different to get us closer or change the goal!!!! It isn’t failure to modify the goal. Failure is to continue setting ourselves up to get different results when we don’t seem to be able to change the actions to get us there. Then panic enters in and our evil twin has a hay day torturing us with the familiar naggings of —-“I’ll never be able to do this”—-“I can’t stand this part of myself, why can’t I be more disciplined???”—— “I will never, ever be thin”.—–Wawaawaaawa and on and on with the pity party that isn’t even based in truth.——– So the answer? Well, I don’t know exactly, but I do know it starts in the NOW. It starts by breaking it down to day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, if needed. Break your plan or goal down to what needs to happen in the next 24 hour period. Only commit to doing what you need to do for today. We can all manage one day and in reality, that’s all we have control over anyway!!!!!!!! Resist the urge to let your evil twin talk to you about the future and how far off it is or how difficult it is going to be. JUST DO IT-whatever “it” is for you, TODAY and go to bed feeling good about yourself tonight!!

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