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Live Fearlessly

Go Laura C., Go!!!!”

“Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon, Chicago!!!! The Rock-n-Roll series of marathons and half marathons are held throughout the country and they are the BEST because they are SO fun! Darin and I run the Nashville country music half every year with friends and just have a blast! There’s a band every mile to cheer you on and every participant receives a free ticket to the post party which hosts a big musical group. Performing at the Chicago post party tomorrow will be Five For Fighting! (One of their big hits is “Superman”). Cool, huh?So Laura C., who is one of our fellow WW members, has lost over 25 pounds and counting! Several months ago she decided she needed an additional goal to help her keep going. I’m not sure how she decided to walk a half marathon (FYI-a marathon is ALWAYS 26.2 miles, therefore a half is ALWAYS 13.1 miles. So if a race is any other distance it’s not a “marathon”), but she did and I couldn’t have been happier when she decided to commit to the Chicago Rock-n-Roll Half because I know she’s gonna love it! Its been a lot of training and I know she’s nervous today, but she is READY!!! I just want to send a humongous shout out her and let her know we are all supporting her tomorrow. Wooohoooo!! Keep her in your thoughts and let her inspire you the way she has me. Losing weight isn’t easy, committing to exercise isn’t easy BUT none of the best things in life are! After all, who out there enjoyed child birth? Please! And no matter how wonderful, do you oogle over your hubby every day?? Again, Please! When we squash the fear and “Just Do It” (Nike!), it’s an amazing feeling! It’s a confidence booster and we often even surprise ourselves at what we are capable of accomplishing. Tomorrow will be a day Laura C. will never forget and no one or thing will ever be able to take her accomplishment away from her. I get goose bumps thinking about it!Rock on Little Laura C.! You’re in our thoughts and prayers and I cannot wait to hear all about your experience!!!!

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