The Journey Of Self Love

Kindness To Yourself

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Mark Twain Be as kind to yourself today as you try to be to others. Put what happened yesterday, last week or last month behind you. Don’t spend a second putting yourself down. Today is a fresh day for you to treat yourself in a healthy way. Avoid thoughts of not liking how you look, worrying about how slow your weight loss seems to be moving or how you wish you were in another stage right now. Gratitude for what you do have and kindness towards yourself will lift those burdens from your mind and you will be free to just be happy today and make good choices. Being full of joy isn’t just a gift you give yourself, although it feels great, its a gift you give to all those you encounter today. Being around someone who is gracious, kind and happy lifts everyone’s mood. We want to lose weight to improve our quality of life but in order to do that we first have to make peace with ourselves. Our quality of life will instantly improve when we chose to focus our energy on gratitude. Enjoy your day and this beautiful fall-like weather! Get out and MOVE! “Life IS good!!

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