The Journey

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

“If we are always arriving and departing, it is also true that we are eternally anchored. One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things. —Henry Miller quotes (American Author and Writer, 1891-1980)——- —— We arrive today at the end of our Labor Day challenge. Welcome to a THREE day weekend and time to celebrate the unofficial end of summer!!! Hello, FALL!! We knew these 4 weeks were going to fly by and they did! That was the idea-to pick a point in time close enough that we wouldn’t feel we had time to make excuses or procrastinate the behaviors we wanted to adopt or modify, but also far enough away that we had time to see some results. SO HOW’D IT GO????? Evaluating and reflecting the results of our goal setting is a step that often gets ignored, especially if we feel we’ve fallen short on what we set out to accomplish. Let’s do something different this time-let’s really think about what our short term goal was, why we set it and what happened after that?——If you accomplished it or exceeded it, YAHOO for YOU! Wonderful! Pat yourself on the back and feel good about your advancement. Make sure that you don’t dismiss or down play the positive changes you’ve adopted. Make it a big deal like you would if it was your child or your best friend telling you something they accomplished.—– -If things didn’t go the way you would have liked them too, first re-evaluate the goal. Was it realistic? Was it a good fit with your life? How could you modify it next time to make it more attainable? Remember, it doesn’t matter how slow we are moving, so long as it is in the right direction.- —- It’s my experience that if I don’t do something I said I wanted to do, it comes back to not really wanting it deep down inside strongly enough. We “want” or would like lots of things but until we really believe whole heartedly that they are worth the effort, we won’t take action. Sometimes we need more of a reason to make healthier lifestyle choices than just to lose weight. When it becomes about feeling better, moving around easier without aches and pains, sleeping better, having more energy, avoiding medications as a result of being over weight, being a good example for our families, living longer, finally be comfortable in our “own skin” and overall just living a higher quality of life—then we get moving. Yes, when all these factors are brought to our attention and we can comprehend how worth it all the effort to change is, then we become empowered and things start to happen. We have always had the control-always. We just don’t always realize it. Take charge of your behaviors by taking charge of your thinking. Don’t allow one ounce of negative self-talk to enter in and discourage you. Change the way you look at this process. Its a journey and we are learning more and more each day along the way.

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