The Journey Of Self Love


“That’s ME! My bib number for Sunday’s Chicago Marathon is 39,743!!! I am one out of 40,000 runners who will be lining up at 730am on Columbus Ave on to run 26.2 miles this Sunday!!!! ——–Although this will be my 4th Chicago Marathon, it makes no difference in the level or excitement or nervousness. Anything can happen on any given day and although it scares me, the thrill also exhilarates me. “”Respect the distance”” I’ve been told a thousand times and it’s true. One of the runner girls in our group, who has run Chicago 8 times, became injured during the last month of training won’t be joining us tomorrow after all the effort she put in. Three years ago the day was unseasonably hot and they ran out of water on the course. After 20 weeks of training half of the participants were not allowed to finish because they shut the course down. You just never know what’s going to happen.—–I’ve thought a lot about WHY I’m putting myself through this. People run marathons and make changes in their lives for all kinds of reasons but I found for me, the answer is pretty simple–I’m doing it because I’m grateful that I can do it. I’m grateful that I’m able to do it. Committing to this run and doing my best to see it through, reminds me of that and keeps me focused. Towards the last 6 miles, when the pain starts to kick in and I’m tired and want to quit, I most often think about my Weight Watchers meetings. I will be thinking about all the effort, all the emotion and all the energy that everyone in those meetings puts into changing their lives and it inspires me to push on. Losing weight and changing behaviors for good, isn’t easy for anyone. If you would have told me 15 years ago that I was going to run a marathon (26.2miles), I would have told you that you were crazy. Even a 10k (6.2miles) would have been a stretch at that point in my life. But life takes funny turns and I’ve finally realized that when we feel good about ourselves their is no limit to what we can accomplish, including weight loss or running a marathon.—So if you don’t mind, please send some of your good thoughts and positive energy towards those of us out there running Sunday morning. We will greatly appreciate it!!! ——–If you want to get automatic texts updates on the status of my run or those of any other runners on Sunday, its the coolest thing! Just go to: , which is on the site, and enter the name and bib number of the participant. Then, on race day, you will receive texts when we cross certain points on the course. In the past the texts have been a little delayed at times, but it’s still fun to follow along. Plus it makes us, the runners, feel good to know we aren’t alone. I know it seems odd to feel alone when surrounded by 40,000 other people, but sometimes that can feel the loneliest!! I’ve got my Mom all signed up to receive my progress texts since she won’t be able to be there this year. Darin has been so great about the 16 weeks of training and now the actual event. I’m sure he will be glad when it’s over! He will be driving a van full of my family down to watch the race and I’m so thankful. I will be counting the miles down to when I get to see him, Cole, Chase, my Dad, and my cousin, Tracie! It makes it SO much more manageable and they will keep me going, no doubt!! One mile at a time……..——Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging. It means a great deal and I really appreciate it!!!! ——–The race is going to be broadcast all morning on NBC, Channel 5 and it’s an amazing site to see our city so packed with excitement and energy and friendly! Even with all the crowds, it’s like Christmas time, everyone is SO friendly to each other!! So check it out!———–Thanks!!!!——

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