The Journey Of Self Love

November 1st

“The first recipe of happiness – avoid too lengthy meditations on the past. ——– Andre Maurois

Movin’ up and movin’ on! Halloween is over and I hope it was frightfully good for you and your family!!! First thing on the “”to do list”” for today, Monday, November 1st is to swing by your local food pantry and drop off ALL the left over candy. Get rid of it and start the month clean. Healthy eating feels great but we have to set ourselves up to do it successfully. I know very few people who can live with a bunch of candy surrounding them and not eat it–whether they have a weight challenge or not. Take weight out of the equation all together–It’s just not healthy for anyone (children included!) to continue to eat Halloween candy in big quantities each day. The celebration is over, so remove the temptation and move on.

#2 on the list, figure out a couple of healthy meals for the week and make time to prepare them today or tonight. Our weigh-in day always goes better when we’ve taken the time to stock our refrigerators with Filling Foods and we have a plan for at least a few of our dinners.

#3-After a big weekend like the one we are just coming off of, a little extra exercise can’t hurt. Whether its on your lunch break, while the kids are in school or after you get home from work, make moving around a priority today. It doesn’t take much exercise to start to off set some of the past weekend’s behaviors and it will make you feel good.

Most of all, as the quote said, don’t over think Halloween or the past weekend too much. Feedback is fine but our energy is best spend living TODAY and feeling good that we are in control. The count down is ON, my friends, 25 days (4 weeks) until Thanksgiving and at the meetings last week you committed to being 5lbs lighter by that day. Its just around the corner, so don’t dwell on the past, let’s just live today the absolute best we can. Be happy, because All IS Well!!!!

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