“Mind is forerunner of action, foremost of deeds. Everything is made up of mind. If your mind is polluted, sorrow will follow, as a wagon wheel trails the hoof of an ox. If your mind is pure, happiness will ensue, the way your shadow trails along wherever you go.”
-The Buddha

When it comes to gaining control over our weight, modifying our behaviors is necessary but as the quote says, I don’t think any behavior change is as important as first changing our thought. We have to get control of our thoughts and our evil twin, if you will. If our thoughts today are polluted with worries like “I know I can’t do this”, “Another week, another failed attempt”, “I want to lose weight but I don’t want to or can’t do what it takes”, “I’m scared it’s going to take forever and I can’t wait that long”, “I don’t have the time”, then we are starting with a “polluted mind” as the quote says and as a result it’s going to feel like dragging a big ball on a chain around with us all day–or a wagon wheel, to refer back to the quote! FUN, huh???? As if getting ourselves and our families going on a Monday isn’t challenging enough, we get to drag a wagon wheel around with us all day!!!! It sounds ridiculous but I know there are many of us who do carry those burdens mentally and then we feel bad because we don’t do what we set out to do.

The reason for the blog today, is to get each of us (myself included, as always) to take a few minutes right NOW to clear our minds. Clear out all the fear, doubt and negative self talk that might be residing there about the upcoming week. If we can do that and remind ourselves that every little change we are trying to make–eating healthier, portion control, tracking, moving more—are all behaviors that feel good and are good for us, we CAN do them with ease and grace. There is no force involved-these are changes we get to make and want to make. If we can do this, our minds will become “pure” and “happiness will ensue, the way your shadow trails along wherever you go.” Put all the negative self talk behind us and may happiness follow us ALL throughout this brand new week!