The Journey Of Self Love

I’ve Got Your Number!

Good Morning!This is just a friendly reminder that YOU ARE NOT A NUMBER nor does the quality of your day depend on a number either. We are not “good” (or “bad”) because of what number shows up on the scale today or the number of PointsPlus values written in our tracker says or the number of miles we walk or run or even the number of dollars in our bank account, for that matter!!! We are good today because that is how we were created. Period. That’s it–we ARE good and we can reflect that goodness and Love each day regardless of ANY number. That a number can or will make us good or bring us happiness is an illusion but it’s SO darn easy to forget! Let’s not fall into the trap of “The grass is always greener on the other side”. When we can be grateful for what we have/are today, more blessings will follow. The blessings will come–more weight lost, a healthier stronger body or even more houses sold, (I’m getting personal here but it’s true for ANY number!!!) all we have to be concerned with is right NOW. Gratitude for what we have already been given.

This is a wonderful time of year but I realize it also poses some challenges. Regardless of what those challenges are (weight, eating, exercise, financial, relationships, career and the list goes on and on…..) our job to keep our focus on what’s good and give thanks for all we DO have. That may require some “digging deep” but we can do it!!!!! Dig until you find that gratitude and when you do, cling to it and watch your day and mood transform. I’ve said it and written it an million times and I’ve thought it more than 2 million time because I know it to be true: We do better when we feel better and how we feel is completely and totally up to us and us alone. It’s a myth to think numbers (or things) bring us lasting, true happiness. It’s when are happy and thankful regardless of the numbers (circumstance) that our lives fall into place. Weight loss and healthy behavior change is no different. Today’s a NEW day, independent of yesterday or last year at this time or of tomorrow, so let’s choose make it a happy day!!!!

I’m very excited that so many of you are still attending the WW meetings and are losing weight despite the season. Congrats! Remember, when you least want to come, is probably when you need the meeting the most. I’m here for you–I’m home for the holidays and will be leading meetings, as usual, so hope to see you today or next week!

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