The Journey Of Self Love

Keep Yourself In Sync

To maintain or to lose??? That’s the question over these next couple of weeks. Of course there is always that third option of gaining weight as well. Which will it be for you? Contrary to our old beliefs, there really is no “wrong” answer. As long as you make a conscious decision of which road to take, it’s just a choice, independent of “good” or “bad”.

My hope for all of us is simply that we stay aware of the choices we make—All the choices—not just the “good” ones! Awareness. Example: “I’m choosing to drink this holiday nog, knowing full well it’s 5PP values per 1/2 C and I have no extra PP left. I want it, I don’t get it often and its worth it”. There is nothing “wrong” about that choice, but if your expectation is to lose weight this week, that action isn’t in-line with your goal. You’re out of sync and either the action has to change or the expectation or you’ll probably end up feeling disappointment. Sound familiar? Your CHOICE. It’s very empowering to remember this and exercise our right to choose what we want. There’s nothing wrong with modifying our expectation to maintain our current weight these last two weeks of the holiday season. The only thing to remember when doing that is to NOT get on the scale next week and be disappointed when the loss isn’t there. Stay in sync and remember this is a life journey and our goal isn’t to get somewhere or to some weight at some designated time, as much as it is to feel good along the way by enjoying the journey. When you make food choices with this line of reasoning, you may just be surprised how often you realize the food isn’t really what you want or worth it. Try it!! Let’s keep each other in sync by surrounding ourselves with other like-minded people—the ww meeting is the best place to do accomplish this very easily. I will be at all 6 of my meetings this week (Yes, even on Christmas Eve morning at 830a and 930a!!!!!) so hope to see you there too! Not only will I be there, but I’m looking forward to it!!!! What better way to kick of Christmas than to spend 30 minutes with many of the nicest people I know?!?!

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