Shining Stars

Sweet Dreams

Could the season get any “sweeter”? I don’t think so! It’s a “sweets” frenzy out there! Every time we turn around there’s a new delectable temptation staring us in the face! Even the Elburn post office is getting into the game! When I went stopped in to mail my Christmas cards they had boxes of Fannie May Mint Meltaways open on the counters for patrons to enjoy! Yesterday I made it through a successful day Christmas cookie/ candy-free only to arrive home to a huge tin of freshly baked cookies sitting on my kitchen counter left by our cleaning lady. Ahhhhh!

Here’s the thing I like to remember in life–no matter how challenging a situation, there is always someone out there who has it even more difficult and is persevering successfully. I’ve found some of these Gals and they are the epitome of inspiration for me right now.

There’s an incredible (and I mean in-cred-ible!) bakery in Sycamore called Sweet Dreams. When you walk in, the glass cases are overflowing with the yummiest cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, cupcakes and other fabulous dessert creations. Oh yeah, and really good “real” food too! Including a salad bar on the premises with homemade soup served daily. Amazing. But here’s what’s even more amazing—the gals who own and run this place rarely (if ever) miss my Tuesday 1230p WW meeting and have lost over 100lbs combined year to date!!!!!! Wooohooo! You girls, ROCK!!!!

As you all know, I barely cook, let alone bake, so yesterday after our meeting, I followed these ladies back to Sweet Dreams to order something to serve during our family Christmas. As I was waiting to pay for the most beautifully hand decorated Christmas cookies and cake I’ve ever seen, all I could do was stand in awe of my friends. To be surrounded by all this wonderful food any day would be a challenge but EVERYDAY? Wow! Think about it–this is there JOB—that means even on days they are tired or in a bad mood or when it’s their “time” of the month, or a bad hair day, etc., etc.

Days that we may think would be impossible to stay on track- they DO it while surrounded by an endless array of baked goods!!!!! These guys have their food challenge quadrupled but they still manage to stay in control. If they are reading this now, I know exactly what they are saying ” TERRA! We are not perfect and sometimes we do indulge”. I say great! Thankgoodness they are human!! That’s even better! As much as we want to lose weight and keep it off, no one wants to hear that it means giving up Sweet Dreams or any other favorite food for good! Thankgoodness we can still enjoy Sweet Dreams and watch our weight!!!! (Side note-If you opted not to bake this year but still want to have baked goods for Christmas, Sweet Dreams also has a location in Wasco! Right on Rt 64!)

Today’s mantra–80/20, Baby!!!! Let’s make the best possible decisions 80 percent of the time and enjoy the other 20 percent and let it go!

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