The Journey Of Self Love

Hang On Tight, The Ride Has Only Just Begun!!!!

By the third week in January, the average American has abandon his or her “New Year’s Resolution” and gone back to old ways. Let’s address this head on before some of us start to wander!

There can be a multitude of reasons we stop working towards our goal of change and one of the major hurdles we see in the early stages of weight-loss is based on impatience. It comes masked as thoughts of “This isn’t working!!”

Let’s recap: By now we’ve gotten ourselves back to the WW meetings, we’ve learned the new program, bought the new products and have the tools for success. We’ve grocery shopped, planned meals, done some cooking and set our goals. We’ve outlined a plan to make 2011 “Our Year” and we’ve been following that plan pretty diligently. We are doing all the “right things” and we’re ready for our reward, so “Where’s the Beef?!?” Many of us are stepping on the scales, noting the number and screaming (rather loudly I might add)……..”WHERE’S THE WEIGHT LOSS?”

I know! I know! You feel good, you’ve changed your behaviors and Christmas 2010 seems like eons ago, therefore, we should be down at least 10 pounds on the scale, right? As I said-I KNOW! I KNOW! But that just isn’t how it works with healthy weight-loss and lifestyle change.

Remember the scene in “It’s A Wonderful Life” when there’s a bank run and all the patrons of the Bailey Building and Loan storm George’s office and demand their savings back? Remember how George Bailey says he will give it back, they just need to sign a form and within 90 days, per the terms they agreed upon when depositing the money, they will have their investment returned? The crowd went nuts and demanded their money returned immediately, even though that was unreasonable. They were totally over-reacting and abandoing common sense because they were scared. That’s what we do sometimes, too! We say “Ok scale, I’ve been playing your game for three weeks, now you better give me a weight-loss in the amount I think I deserve or else I quit!!!!”

Ahhh, but remember about 15 short, days ago I asked if you thought losing fifty pounds this year would be a major accompishment in a reasonable amount of time? Whether you have fifty pounds OR more OR less to lose, EVERYONE said YES.

Well, that means that to be on track, you should have lost about three pounds, year-to-date. By the end of January, if you have lost four to five pounds, congrats, because you’re headed straight for your target. ONLY FOUR POUNDS, you say? Yep, only four to five pounds per month will add up to BIG weight-loss if you just keep going. It might feel “slow” but it’s not. It’s an illusion!

Let’s not be like the “local yocals” of Pottersville, in “It’s A Wondeful Life” who almost cut off their noses, despite their faces. We agreed to a one pound per week average rate of weight-loss and we need to stick to our committment and keep going. I realize it means losing “only” (that word annoys me to NO END!) four to five pounds this month but it compounds; It ADDS UP! It means you will be twelve pounds lighter while packing for your spring break trip! Picture yourself over 25 pounds smaller as you lay on a blanket and watch the fireworks this 4th of July! How does that feel? Now imagine you’re at the checkout buying all of your groceries for your Thanksgiving meal. Don’t see yourself?? Hint: You’re the thin person, smiling as you wait, because you’re FORTY SEVEN POUNDS lighter than you were last turkey day! See, you barely even recognize yourself! Are you still saying “ONLY”? I doubt it.

Considering how good we FEEL after losing “just” 5 pounds, there’s a very exciting year of feeling even better ahead, wouldn’t you say?? Don’t abandon ship now, your journey has just began and it’s going to be quite a trip!!!

See you at the meeting!

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