The Journey Of Self Love

The Sweet Isn’t As Sweet If We’ve Never Tasted The Bitter

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”. —Anne Bradstreet

No matter where you are with your weight, let’s try to embrace today, just as it is, and welcome it. Rarely in life does everything seem “perfect” by worldly standards, but that doesn’t mean, in the bigger scheme, it’s not. Today is as it is. Period. If we can use adversity to bring our attention to what’s going on, it puts us a step closer to making conscious change. When we don’t like a situation or circumstance, our tendancy is to “go numb” or try to escape. We fight the feelings and wish very badly that things were different. Struggling like that takes a lot of energy and isn’t very efficient or productive. We wear ourselves out fighting what already is–no wonder we need a snack!!!

Stop the pattern. Use whatever adversity you’ve got going in your life as a wake up call. Pay attention to it and ask yourself what YOU would like to have happen. Asking ourselves questions helps us to dig down a little deeper and sometimes we find answers that surprise us. Rather than just going through the routine motions of everyday life, let’s use today to pay attention. When our mind generates answers to the question “What would I like to have happen”, rather than think, “Yeah, right!” and shrug it off, act on it. Use today to it’s fullest by prioritizing what’s most important to you and moving forward with your eyes wide open. When you accept today just as it is, no matter what’s going on, you diffuse the fear and it begins to vanish. We realize the situation isn’t going to change immediately but that it’s managable today. We are left with a clear mind to make fresh choices—all we need to do is act on them.

It’s freezing out there this morning and they say a little snow might even be on the way. I know-Ugg! BUT as the quote says, it’s days like this that will make us appreciate spring all the more!!!! Rather than despise and curse our frigid conditions, pick out a warm, cozy outfit to wear and make time for a hot drink to start your morning! Maybe even some piping hot oatmeal with sugar free maple syrup and bananas. Ahhh-it’s not so bad, afterall! See you at the meetings today! I’m in St Charles at 10a and noon every Thursday!

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