Are You Ready For Some…..

What happens today will greatly impact tomorrow. Yes, of course, I’m talking about FOOTBALL. The winners of today’s Bears vs Packers (GO BEARS) and Steelers vs Jets (GO STEELERS) games will determine who goes onto the Superbowl in Dallas this year.

BUT…….I’m also talking about the choices WE make today. It’s a beautiful, sunny , ICECOLD Sunday and it’s our chance to do a little prep work to create a terrfic week for ourselves. Maybe search a recipe on-line and hit the grocery store to stock up on fresh food. Even if you do nothing else today than sit home and plan out the meals your going to eat this week and schedule your time for activity in your calendar, you will still see that it will improve the likelihood of you staying on track throughout the rest of the week. Use today to rest and regroup and get ready for another fabulous week of losing weight and being healthy! I know it’s cold outside, but wow, look at that sunrise!!! Isn’t it beautiful???? Have a great day!

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