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Do Snow Storms Make You Hungry?

This is my driveway this morning looking out from inside the garage. If you look closely, you will see in the distance, my mail box peaking out of the snow! Is this karma trying to help me work off all the extra snacks I ate last night??? AHHHHH!!!!

Hungry, no. Want to eat? I guess so, since that is what I did all last night!!! I’m so annoyed with my own snacking that I wouldn’t even be writing this post if it wasn’t for the several emails and texts I’ve gotten from friends saying they are experiencing a weird feeding frenzy as well. Imagine that, confessing to me, while I’m doing the same silly thing! It makes me a little less mad at myself to know I’m not alone in my behavior, but the concept of overeating because there’s a Snowpocolypse going on, is no less ridiculous!! Let’s reel ‘er in, take control and get things back under control IMMEDIATELY!

It might be the excitement, the unknown, a little fear, the change in our normal routines or just plain being stuck in the house, at a closer proximity to the pantry for longer periods of time than normal, but the fact of the matter is: “If hunger isn’t the problem, FOOD ISN’T THE ANSWER”. It’s as simple and straight forward as that! The complication and confusion comes in determining what then, is the “problem” and how do we satisfy it or at least learn to deal without a snack. For me, it is a clear cut line that I have to draw for myself at times like this and I do it in my tracker. My challenge is being stuck in the house with the kids and no way to get out, so planning and writing it down is key. Growing up, my Dad was a huge proponent of advising us to “Plan your work and work your plan”. Spoken like a true Marketing Instructor, huh? Well, as much as I didn’t want to listen then, I sure do listen now because I know he’s right. A written plan helps us determine exactly where we want to go and how to get there.

Where to I want to “go” today? What do I want to have happen? Just today…that’s all we are concerned with…tomorrow we will deal with tomorrow! My answer is clear: I want to simply stay at my Points Plus target for maintenance today. To make it easier, I divide my PointsPlus values per meal and add couple of snacks and then follow my plan. So, for example, if you want to stay at 29 Points Plus Values today, use the below outline as a template to design your own day in a way that you know you can stick to. If extra snacks are absolutely called for, I am promising myself they will be limited to fruits and veggies only. Below is a lot of food….if I am wanting more, the craving is most likely not hunger based.

Happy snow day!! Let’s all enjoy it AND keep our eating in check together! I’m home all day working on the computer, so your comments, ideas and thoughts are much welcomed!


3 egg whites with sauteed veggies (1 PP)

Chocolate WW Smoothie made with ice cold green tea and frozen banana (2 PP)


Grilled ham and cheese (5 PP)

2pc Healthy Life Bread, 2 oz lean ham, 1 slice fatfree American cheese or a Laughing Cow wedge, few sprays of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”

Big bowl of Veggie Soup ( 0 PP)

Fage Plain or Vanilla Greek Yogurt mixed with Fat Free Cool whip, frozen mixed berries (slightly thawed) and Splenda ( 3 PP)


CedarLane Bean, Rice & Cheese Burritos~Best Price=Costco

94% Fatfree, butter flavored microwave popcorn with Kernal Seasons White Cheddar seasoning (4 PP)

Cup of Grapes


Cedar Lane Bean Burrito (6 PP) Served over

Shredded lettuce salad topped with 2 Tablespoon lite ranch dressing (2 PP)

1/2 Cup of Brown rice mixed with salsa (2 PP)


1 Bag of Pretzel M&Ms

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