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Shout Outs About Winter Squash

The following are helpful emails I have gotten since posting the entry about 0 Points Plus Squash Fries. I have found them VERY helpful as well as amusing! I love witty people! They can make you laugh without even trying! See for yourself….


My friend (or should I say one of my friends – I do have more than one) told me to put the squash in the microwave for one minute before cutting it up (I assume you turn the microwave on) and also she said she cuts it into chunks and puts in on a cookie sheet with apple chunks at 425. She drizzles them with olive oil and roasts them for a half hour. It is supposedly delicious as the sweetness of the apple makes the squash sweet as well. Can’t say it it’s true but I’ll let you know when I try it! See you Friday, Alice


It is important that you know that I DO NOT eat vegetables especially if they are green. However this butternut squash with the apples is to die for. I mean I actually had two helpings!!! Peeling the squash however is another story. Even after microwaving it on high for one minute it is a bitch. I would gladly pay someone to do this job for me. Having recently had shoulder surgery doesn’t help! Here’s what I found online that I will try next time:

“Take your squash and put it into a suitably-sized pot. Cover it with
water, put the lid on the pot, and bring it to a boil (the steam
trapped in the pot will cook whatever portion of the squash is above
the surface). Simmer the squash for just a few minutes, until a
wooden skewer or toothpick can penetrate the skin but *just* the skin;
roughly 4-5 minutes. Allow the squash to cool.

At this point, the skin of the squash is cooked, and so is a tiny bit
of the squash under the skin. These are now soft, and can be peeled
effortlessly with any regular peeler. You now have a naked squash,
ready to dice and prepare in any fashion that appeals to you. This
technique is best used with butternut squash, but any other large
meaty squash would work too.

For just two of us, we easily had enough squash for two or three meals. I just refrigerated it in a baggie and I’ll add the apples and roast for tonight. Praise the Lord I won’t have to peel the dern squash again!!!

Dear Terra,

To make pealing the squash a little easier, I cut off both ends and put it just like that in the microwave for about four minutes. It does not cook it but softens it so it is a little easier to peel. See you next Thurs. Claire

Hi Terra-

Forget peeling your squash all together! Trader Joes, as well as Costco sells fresh squash already cut up into chunks. Well worth the extra expense. They are not in the shape of fries, but maybe you could request them to cut them that way in the future? Just a thought. I love seeing the photos on your new blog…keep them coming! Carole

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  • Elizabeth
    March 5, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Trader Joes now has fresh sweet potatoes cut up in the shape of fries, I tried these instead of the squash fries and they worked very well.

  • Cindy
    February 15, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    Meijer in St. Charles also has cut up butternut squash. It’s in a pre-packaged 12 oz. bag and the brand is “Aunt Mids”. Perfect size for apples/butternut squash, which by the way is absolutely WONDERFUL!!

  • Janet
    February 11, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Hi Terra,

    I peeled a raw butternut squash last night using a potato peeler and it was very easy. It took a couple of swipes to get rid of all the peel but it went quickly. In the past I had always used a knife and that was always a pain.

    Happy Peeling-