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Paradise? Ok, Not Exactly!





At least not yet, but SOON! It’s MARCH 1, 2011 and it won’t be long now before everything is vibrant, green and warm! Until then, let’s focus on what we can do NOW to be ready. How do you want those spring clothes to fit when you drag them out of storage? I know there are icicles still hanging off our trees and shrubs but you can’t deny that pre-spring feeling in the air. The days are getting undeniably longer and although it’s still pretty darn cold, I heard birds chirping this morning and I can hear an owl as I write right now!! YAY~~Signs of LIFE! It will be here….every year at this time we doubt it will ever come, but it always arrives.

During this tough transition it’s just a boring time and easy to feel the blahs, so go easy on yourself. It’s not just you and “This too shall pass”. Do your very best to understand your feelings and allow yourself to feel them. It’s ok! There’s a time for everything and if this is the time to for a little downtime…then take it. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to live full steam ahead 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Understand what you’re feeling, allow yourself to feel it, accept it, whatever you need to do but DON”T EAT IT! Extra snacking or bigger portions isn’t going to make spring come to us any faster or our life any more exciting right now! Resist the urge to eat because you are feeling something uncomfortable. If you have gotten into a pattern of doing this lately, don’t be mad at yourself or try to “make up” for the overeating with over-the-top deprivation. All you have to do is RESIST THE URGE TO OVEREAT TODAY. It’s a new day and new start, so it’s up to you to make a NEW pattern.

My challenge to you and to myself: Get out and go on a walk in the sunshine, if at all possible today. Although it’s been cold, the late afternoon’s have been getting close to 40* and let’s face it, being out in the bright sunshine just feels good. So what if we have on a winter hat, coat, scarf and gloves! Take it however we can get it!

Be nice to yourself today. All is well!

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