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Yet Another Sign That Spring is On It’s Way!

I'm happy to report that I've been very busy selling real estate in these past couple weeks! Two closings scheduled for March already! YAHOO!!!


No matter what the economic climate, spring is traditionally one of the busier seasons in real estate sales. It’s exciting to see that this year is no different! I’ve been busy working on two home sales for March already and it’s looking like there will be more to come. Thankgoodness!

When things get busy in our work and/or home lives it’s so tempting to put our personal health and well being on the back burner. We have a million reasons (good ones too!) why we don’t have time for ourselves, but if we wait for the perfect time or even a “good” time to take care of ourselves, that time will most likely never come and if it does, it will be short lived. There are ALWAYS important things going on……it’s a little thing we call LIFE! So, on this journey, rather than getting caught up in how to lose weight faster in order to get back to real life or living on the roller coaster of “on again, off again” dieting…..our goal is to make healthy living simply part of who we are now. Our challenge is less with fighting the scale and more in figuring out how to integrate healthy behaviors into the how we live so that we can experience more consistency.

On busy days we don’t put off taking a shower or brushing our teeth, so why take a break from other healthy behaviors? The answer to that lies in our priorities but also in knowing ourselves and our creativity. The longer we stick with these healthy changes, the better we get to know ourselves and our tendencies, and more creative we will get with finding ways to make this work in each of our unique lives. It might be about getting up earlier in the morning to avoid letting the day’s distractions get in the way of exercise or it might be about making sure that you have plenty of healthy, easily portable food choices in the house so that you can grab and go whenever needed. We are all learning what works for us in different situations and was doesn’t.

Let’s say you are not queen of grocery shopping or planning ahead, so the “grab and go” concept never works for you. Are you doomed to fail? OF COURSE NOT! Step back and evaluate your many options. In this example is could be as easy as learning the Points Plus values of the common fast food restaurants so that you can take advantage of the drive thru and still lose weight. YES! We can eat fast food and lose weight if we make educated choices! A Wendy’s small chili is 4 Points Plus and so is a Wendy’s baked potato. Order both off the dollar menu, put the chili on the potato and voila, you just had a VERY filling lunch for 8 Points Plus that will keep you satisfied.

The key is to LEARN from what happens, not condemn yourself. “Feed back, not failure.” The meeting room is a great place to find new and creative ideas to the same old challenges that have derailed you in the past. There is no doubt…the people and commitments in your life are very important and others ARE counting on YOU. Therefore, it’s critical that you take care of yourself so that you have what you need to give. “When Momma’s happy, Everyone’s happy”!

You know where to find me…I will be at all of my meetings, so bring your challenges and let’s work together to customize a solution that works for you! My schedule and directions to all of the different meetings are listed on the homepage or feel free to email me @

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