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And The Winner Is….ME

I received the following email with the subject line was “And The Winner Is…ME” from a dear, dear friend and WW member yesterday morning. It not only made me SMILE, it inspired me! I asked Amy if she minded if I share it with all of you and she said ” Sure you can use it. It is all about a community working together for a common goal. If I can help, awesome.”, which I think is VERY gracious. Read it and tell me that you cannot relate! WOW! We’ve all been in that rationalization mode when we can talk ourselves into believing anything and to hear someone who recognized it in the moment and said “Hey, no way, this isn’t a diet…I am not ‘waiting’ to start my life” is so exciting. WAY TO GO, AMY!


Hi! I just had to share my success with you. I had a crazy food eating weekend. I hadn’t tracked as I went along – not the best choice. Yesterday morning I had the following conversation with myself – “After all this is holy week, one of the busiest / most stressful times for you at work (church). Don’t worry about tracking. Just start over after Easter.”. I had ALMOST lulled myself into going along with the excuses when it hit me. If I give in now, WW is not a Life style but just a diet. I deserve more! So I logged on to eTools and began the truth telling. When I finished it wasn’t pretty but it was liberating. I know where I stand and get this, the week isn’t completely ruined. Yeah!!!

Thanks for your inspiring meetings! You’re a blessing to many.

Thank you!
The winner,

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