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“Get Up And Do More Activity Than You Have Been Doing Challenge”

We are in the midst of our annual Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge. It’s really a “Get Up And Do More Activity Than You Have Been Doing Challenge” because you don’t have to walk a 5k, but that’s the general theme. You can walk it, run it, complete it walking in place, in a chair if need be, bike it outside or on a stationary bike, swim it (that would be a LONG swim!)..whatever activity YOU want to do. WW is providing the framework over the next 6 weeks to encourage all of us to step up what we are doing now and push ourselves to accomplish something active that’s a little out of our normal comfort zone. We are doing all that we can to generate lots of energy and enthusiasm towards being active for the next 6 weeks and I LOVE IT because it makes it a lot of fun. We often get so caught up in the weight-on-the-scale game that we forget all the other good things we are doing for ourselves in addition to losing weight and keeping it off. The 5k challenge is something we can work towards and benefit from while starting the summer feeling great!

Everyone signs up for the 5k of their choice anywhere, anytime. If you are looking for an event in the Fox Valley area, I would HIGHLY recommend signing up for the Living Well Bridge Walk 5k on May 14th. To learn more about the Living Well organization (they are AMAZING) and get the details of the walk and how to sign up, visit this link:

Out in the Sycamore area, some of my WW members were having difficulty finding a local, upcoming 5k, so they made their own! And it’s free! SO COOL! See the details in the email below. Thanks, Jennifer!


Our 5k will begin May 21 @ 9:00 a.m. We will leave the church at 9:30 a.m.
The church is at 160 Johnson Avenue in Sycamore. I have attached an image
file of the route. If anyone has questions, they can call or e-mail me.
There won’t be a registration fee, since we won’t really be providing
anything except the route. They can order their own t-shirts from the
website, we won’t have any here.

Let me know if it seems like there is anything we’ve forgotten.

Jennifer Snow
Administrative Assistant
Sycamore United Methodist Church
(815) 895-9113

GoogleEarth Map of Sycamore 5K Route

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