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Strawberry Shortcake

My Mom dislikes clutter as much as I do....so as an adult when I went "home" to search for my Strawberry Shortcake Cake collection is was gone! Convinced I was going to have a girl someday, I recreated my collection using Ebay! As it turns out, I have no daughters, so Strawberry Shortcake lives happily in my office with me!

Simple 5 Points Plus Strawberry Shortcake~Corn Vitatop, 6oz Fage Plain Greek Yogurt, fat-free Coolwhip, Fresh Strawberries and Splenda. Mix Greek yogurt with 1 pkt Splenda and 2T FF Coolwhip and layer with strawberries on top of a thawed, Corn Vitatop.





OK- I love both the doll Strawberry Shortcake as well as the dessert! Always have! Who doesn’t is my question???? My dream life would be to live in the Berry Bake Shop, as a tiny, adorable redhead who eats strawberry desserts all day and hangs out with all her other fruity friends! She’s my hero!!


Back to REAL LIFE….This is a simple put-together idea (it would be a stretch to call it a “recipe” plus that would involving cooking and I don’t want to turn anyone off to trying this!) that I highly recommend trying now that the summer-like weather is here. There is nothing fancy or complicated about this Strawberry Shortcake. At first glance you may even question the 5 Points Plus investment but allow me to put your fears to rest, it’s worth it for MANY reasons. First of all (and probably most important), it’s delish. Honestly, it tastes so yummy that it’s easy to forget point number two which is: It’s HEALTHY. It’s not just a dessert or snack but a power packed mini-meal comprised of a serving of fruit, a serving of calcium as well as a serving of protein! Finally, it’s FILLING. Because of it’s cool, creamy, sweet taste combined with the nutrition, it’s going to fill you up and leave you satisfied for a longer period of time than many process snacks.

Try it and let me know! I wish you the BERRY best!

Also, PLEASE share YOUR fav food ideas with me so that I can post them for everyone to enjoy. We are in this together and it’s the sharing that keeps fun and exciting!

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