Emotions and Perceptions

The Picture is Bigger Than the Frame We Can See Through at the Moment


Life is seen in frames and sometime's it's only when we can piece those frames together, that it starts to make sense. Our perception isn't necessarily reality, although it appears that way to us. Today's challenge isn't punishing us, but rather teaching us something and quite possibly preparing us for something tomorrow. How joyful!!


“No part of your experience is wasted. Everything you’ve experienced so far is part of what you were meant to learn.” –Martha Beck


It’s easy to get wrapped up in the WHY??? spiral when parts of our lives are not going the way in which we think they should. Why me?? Why now?? Why at all?? Why do I have to do this? Why bother? In these moments, if we can catch our breath, clear our mind and think back to other challenges we have encountered in our lives we might be able to see or understand why those things happened or how they helped something good to come about that otherwise wouldn’t have taken place. In the moment, it’s very difficult to see any good in a situation that we perceive as being undesirable, but hindsight makes everything so much clearer. By looking back at other situations and learning from them, it can give us the faith to know that “This too shall pass”. Not only will it pass, but something bigger and better than we ever expected might even come from it. We like to think we are in control but the truth is, ummmmmm, NOT SO MUCH! The picture is usually bigger than the frame we can look through right now but when the entire picture is revealed, we can see the beauty and it makes a lot more sense. So although we cannot see that whole picture, we can become wise enough to know it’s there and make the best of the part we are living right now. It’s just a lesson…each obstacle is another chance to learn. It doesn’t matter if it’s weight we need to lose or weight we need to keep off, activity we need to increase, money we need to make, children we need to raise, people in our lives we need to take care of……it’s all a series of lessons that are here to teach us something. I love how Martha says that no experience is wasted. How simple, yet profound! It all means something.

I find it SO ironic in my own life that the one thing I DESPISED most about myself for YEARS (my weight and eating issues), is the very challenge that brought me to a job that provides me endless joy and satisfaction. Aside from raising Cole and Chase, helping people get control of their weight through removing fear about food and healthy living is the most rewarding thing I have done in my adult life. The more people we see come into the meeting room, the more people I want to help because I’ve been there. I know how it feels but I also know most of the fear and negativity is something we create ourselves. It’s not even real!!! It feels real, but it’s NOT and when we can change our perspective, we see it for what it is and it starts to dissolve. Of course I still have battles myself but I try to pat myself on the back for winning those battles on most days and then forgive myself on the days I don’t. Surrounding ourselves with positive, kind, caring, like-minded people sure helps with that part!


I hope to see you at the meeting this week. If I HAVE already seen you this week…THANKS for coming! The attendance, idea sharing and weight loss at the Monday and Tuesday meetings in North Aurora, Schaumburg and Sycamore were terrific ALL thanks to YOU!


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