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Eggstra Special Recipe

"The Incredible, Edible Egg" Whole Egg=2 Points Plus, 3 Egg Whites= 1 Points Plus. With the yolk, without the yolk, scrambled, fried (in non-fat cooking spray), hard boiled, made into salad...However you chose to use them, eggs are an amazing food for the nutrition and the Points Plus value!




This week we at the meetings we have been talking about what works best for each of us when it comes to breakfast. Some of us are hungry when we wake up, some of us are not. Some love a big breakfast while others like to keep it light. No matter what the preference, most agree that some type of high protein and/or whole grain is a great way to start the day. There are so many choices and we don’t have to eat right when we wake up, but if that’s the case, we need to make sure and plan ahead so we can take our breakfast with us to have when we are ready for it.

Marci from Thursday’s 10am meeting sent me this yummy recipe that is a re-make of a popular egg dish served at one of my family’s favorite restaurants….Egg Harbor. Thanks Marci!!!!

Have to run…Today is Friday and I lead the earlier meetings in St. Charles. I am there every Friday at 830am AND 930am and now with two meetings there is plenty of room for everyone, so please join us!!! Now get out and enjoy that sunshine today!

Hi Terra,
Following is the recipe I make that is similar to Egg Harbor’s Geneva Rosti:

Serves 2 – 6 pts ea serving
2 eggs, beaten w/a couple drops water 2 pts
3 bacon, broken in pieces 3
1 sm potato, peeled and grated (blot
with paper towel to remove moisture) 2
1/2 chopped onion
1/4 c.reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese 2
2 t. canola oil 2

Fry bacon in large skillet. Remove from pan. Pour out bacon grease,
but don’t wipe out pan. Saute onions. Remove from pan.
Add oil to pan. Fry grated potatoes til crisp, seasoning
w/salt and pepper. Remove from pan and situate on
2 plates. Sprinkle onions and bacon pieces into pan and
pour beaten eggs over (low heat). When firm enough on
underside to flip, flip over, sprinkle on shredded cheese,
turn heat off and cover til cheese is melty.
Cut in 1/2, then lay each flat egg over hash browns and serve.

This is very satisfying and kids love it.
I make it about 2x a month and consider it a real treat!

(Thurs 10 am mtg)

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