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Sweet Tart Lemon Sno Cone

I'm bragging with this photo...check out my NEW blender! It matches my kitchen! Jackie says use a food processor but my new blender did a great job too!


This will be the perfect yummy treat to whip up on Memorial Day! It’s supposed to be nice and warm on Sunday and Monday, making it the PERFECT TIME to for a refreshing, lemon Sno Cone! It will taste even more delicious when eaten while basking in the sun! THANKS, JACKIE, for sharing! Enjoy the long weekend and the un-official kick off to SUMMER 2011!

Dear Terra,

Now that it is getting hot, I have a cool treat, Lemon Sno Cone! Process ice to fill your size glass in a food processor.( a blender does not make the ice uniform or as fine as the processor). Once your glass is full put in enough Splenda to make the Lemom Sweet to your taste. I use a tall lemonade glass and add 1 heaping tablespoon. Over the splenda I add about a quarter cup of lemon juice, I like it sweet tart. My sister and I just love these when it is hot. They are refreshing and 0 points, great margarita alternative. We have also used Kool Aid/Splenda or crystal light to make other flavors, but we enjoy the lemon the best. Hope this helps someone else too!!!!
Love your emails , keep them coming. I got the privilage to receive them because of your greatest admirer, Marie H. She is my sister’s mother-in-law and my adopted mother.

Thank you,

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