Emotions and Perceptions

Deficiency Motivation Doesn’t Work


I LOVE this time of year! There is nothing like the smell, the sounds and the feel of a warm summer evening. If you look above the corn field in this photos you can see the moon peering through as the sun is setting. Beautiful!




“Deficiency motivation doesn’t work. It will lead to a life-long pursuit of try to fix me. Learn to appreciate what you have and where and who you are”. -Dr. Wayne Dyer


If you think of getting healthy and losing weight as something painful that you have to do to somehow “fix” yourself, if feels very much like a punishment and as the quote says…it just doesn’t work. Getting healthy is the OPPOSITE of depriving or punishing ourselves, but when we forget that we tend to make it into something that feels hard and stressful. Stop trying to fix yourself and instead put your energy into quieting your mind and actually listening to your body. Your body is it’s own perfect regulator. It’s not your body that tells you to overeat…it’s your mind. Your body will give you all kinds of signs that it’s had enough if you are just kind enough to listen to it. Instead of making a “to do” list today, let’s make a “not-to-do-list” and at the top of that list let’s commit to slowing down our thoughts and paying attention to what is going on inside of each of us. Of course we still have to work and take care of our families and our every day responsibilities, but we can do that and at the same time be in touch with what is going on inside of ourselves. This journey has challenges, but those challenges can most easily be overcome when we shine the light of truth on them and stop being afraid. Stop the endless chatter that goes through your head when you are not paying attention, and instead, listen to your body today and pay attention to how you feel. ENJOY all the healthy choices you are making and be more kind to yourself from here on out!


It’s Tuesday morning, so I have to stop writing and get ready for today’s WW meetings! I look forward to seeing all of you in Schaumburg at 10am and those of you out in Sycamore at 1230pm as well as everyone else in St. Charles on Thursday and Friday! Have a great day! All is well!



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