Emotions and Perceptions

Shift the Load

“It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it.” -Lena Horne


If taking care of your health is one more thing on your endless list of “to-do’s” it’s going to feel like a difficult struggle. If you shift the view to something you want to do, something you get to do, the whole situation changes. This life we have been given is a gift and we have have control over the choices we make. Sometimes we forget that EVERYTHING in life is a choice and that’s when we feel stuck or trapped. But at any time, we can choose to see things differently and therefore change our approach. Making healthy choices can feel great if we pay attention to what we are feeling and allow ourselves to enjoy the control we are exercising. The benefits of living health can be felt almost immediately if we pay attention.

For example, that second helping or that Super Sized version of whatever you are eating might seem appealing in the moment and it’s hard to stop and order a small or say no to a second helping but when do it, how do you feel afterwards? The next morning or 2 hours later, have you ever regretted watching your portions? Have you ever said, “Wow, I wish I would have ate more and really pigged out?” Not likely. Making healthier choices helps us to mentally and physically we feel better. Much better! We learn that WE are in control and we CAN do it. As long as we are not depriving ourselves and we see the changes we are making as worth it, losing weight starts to feel easier. The “load” as the quote calls it, shifts and it becomes a way of life.

It’s Monday! Have a great start to the week and I hope to see many of you at our 10am meeting today in North Aurora at our newest WW center. It’s located on the North East corner of Randall and Oak (in the same plaza where The Cakery is located and where Tommy O’s used to be) and it’s a beautiful center…so stop by and check it out!

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