The Journey Of Self Love


“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

-Mother Teresa of Calcutta


The changes we make to gain control of our eating and to lose weight don’t have to be extremely difficult in order to become healthy. In fact, they can be rather easy because they are LITTLE modifications….still eating the “good stuff” just in smaller portions and maybe not so often, trading out your soda habit for water, taking a walk around your neighborhood instead of watching a sitcom re-run at night on television to relax….SMALL, so the changes don’t “hurt” but done consistently, add up to BIG results. The real challenge is patience and that’s why we go to our WW meetings…to surround ourselves with like-minded people getting the success that we, too are working towards. No better way to get encouragement, motivation and good ideas. SEE YOU THERE TODAY!


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