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Whoopie Pie ingredients shown above. I used a Vitatop because I didn't have any Vitabrownieis and just cut it in half. It was delicious as well! Thanks for the awesome idea, Kathy!

Hey Terra,


I do have a recipe to share. It might be one that everyone else already knows, but I just came across it last week. I tried it immediately and it is wonderfully delicious and very decadent tasting! It is a Hungry Girl recipe with only 2 ingredients and it’s called Quick Whoopie Pie.
1 VitaTop or VitaBrownie, frozen
1/4 cup frozen Cool Whip Free, thawed
Simply take the frozen vita top and carefully cut it in half horizontally. Spoon the thawed Cool Whip on one half, then put the other half on top and gentlypress. Place in freezer and freeze for at least a couple of hours before eating. These are delicious!
Total WW PointsPlus is 4 per whoopie pie (VitaTop = 3 and Cool Whip Free = 1)
Exciting news: Vita has a new product! (at least it’s new to me) It’s called VitaBun and it is an English Muffin. Total WW PointsPlus = 2! I haven’t tried them yet but just placed an order today on their website. I’ll let you know how they are. Take care and see you next Tuesday.
— Kathy



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