My Challenge To You

Goodbye Summer?

“So sweetly she bade me adieu,
I thought that she bade me return.”
~William Shenstone


Doesn’t feel like GOODBYE! Labor Day weekend is upon us and rather than the kick off to fall, it feels like the heat of the mid July! Ahhhh….weather in the midwest! Let’s enjoy it while we can because we know it’s summer’s last hurrah and soon the air will be cool and the days much shorter. This weekend is about relaxing and my challenge to you is to do so without relying entirely on food. Use the next 3 days to contemplate what you want to experience and accomplish in fall 2011. Spend time with family and friends and rest and rejuvenate so we can put our fall plans into action come Tuesday!

Welcome back to all of you who got back on track this past week at WW. The meeting rooms have been full of energy, excitement and weight loss. We kicked off the WW Lose for Good campaign and I am anxious to share the inspiration of Lose for Good with everyone. There is still plenty of room for all of you who are waiting until after Labor Day to get your fresh start and I look forward to seeing you very soon!! Make sure to check out my schedule…I have added more meetings! If you have friends in any of the new areas I am leading meetings, I would appreciate any help I can get to spread the word to get new or rejoining members in the door. THANKS and enjoy your LONG weekend!

Mon 10am N Aurora WW Center on Oak and Randall

Tues 10am Schaumburg WW Center on Roselle and Golf

Tues 1230pm Sycamore-Holiday Inn Express

Wed 930am & 11am Naperville WW Center on Ogden

Thurs 10am & noon St. Charles WW Center on 38 and Randall

Fri 830a & 930am St. Charles WW Center

Fri noon South Elgin WW Center on Randall Rd

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