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Emotions and Perceptions

How Do You See Weight Loss?

“Remember this maxim: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. The way you perceive things is an extremely powerful tool that will allow you to attain everything you desire.”

~Dr. Wayne Dyer


Do you see weight loss as something painful that you have to endure or something you are excited about taking control over? Diets don’t work because they are based on deprivation and “losing” something and the thought of both brings resistance, fear and pain. Living a healthy lifestyle is neither about deprivation OR pain. The sooner we can embrace the process of healthy living and find gratitude for all the health we exhibit TODAY, the sooner more will follow. Weight loss is a by-product of healthy behaviors repeated consistently. You won’t get to your goal weight in one day, but each day you behave as if you are at your healthy weight goal you will feel better mentally AND physically. How’s that for instant-gratification! Feeling better is what it’s all about, so let’s enjoy each day of the journey.

Today, try to replace any old thought patterns that might be holding you back in “diet mode”. When thoughts like “Losing weight is so difficult and slow” or “I am working so hard at this and it’s taking forever” creep in, stop them dead in their tracks. JUST SAY NO TO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS THE MOMENT YOU RECOGNIZE THEM. Replace them with a new perspective. Start to see the process as positive, fun and something you WANT to do because it makes our lives better NOW. We love the weight loss but the key to is to also enjoy the process in which it takes to be healthy so that you will continue it for a lifetime.


It’s Wednesday morning and I am off to lead my new meetings (new to me, that is!) at the Naperville WW Center on Ogden and Washington. If you have any friends or family in that area that are interested in Weight Watchers, please send ’em my way! My meeting times on Wednesdays in Naperville are 930am and 1130m.


Let’s all go enjoy this beautiful fall day! All is well!

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