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Come To Our Tasting Party This Thursday And Get Some New Low Points Plus Food Ideas From Trader Joe’s!!

Trader Joe’s Will Be Hosting a Tasting Party With Us at The St. Charles Weight Watchers Center! Join us for some new, healthy food ideas to help you stay on program easily!


WHEN: Thursday, Sept 29th (TOMORROW)

WHERE: St. Charles Weight Watchers Center-southeast corner of Randall Rd & 38

TIME: Open House Style between 1pm and 2:30pm

WHAT: Trader Joe’s will be there with all kinds of yummy, low Point Plus foods to sample and recipes to try.

This photo is from one of our recent Trader Joe's Field Trips. They are not only fun but very informative and helpful! I have been leading them since August and still learn new things at each tour!


Over the summer, as a Weight Watchers Public Relations Ambassador, I was able to start a relationship with the local Trader Joe’s in my area (the local store to me is in Batavia, Illinois) and it has turned out to be such a cool thing for Weight Watcher members!! We have been holding Trader Joe’s Field Trips nearly every week and here’s how it works: I have a sign up sheet I carry with me at the Weight Watchers meetings I lead and 10-12 people at time can sign up. Anyone can attend…WW members can sign up friends, family or whoever they want and we all meet at Trader Joe’s at the designated time.

Christine, from Trader Joe's does a WONDERFUL job leading our tours! She's knowledgable, helpful and SO much fun!!

A rep from the store, usually Christine or Bonnie who are both the kindest, most helpful women you can know, give us a tour of the store, isle by isle, and I share the Points Plus values of the foods we see as we go. Then, at the end of the tour, they have an array of foods we have seen on the tour prepared and ready for us to sample. It’s so much fun and SO helpful for meal planning and easy shopping! We all know that being excited about the healthy foods we are eating is KEY to staying on program and this is a FABULOUS way to get new, easy ideas! Plus learning the Points Plus values and tasting the foods BEFORE buying them, ensures that they are a good value to you and that you will like them. Not only is the tour FREE to those who sign up, TJ’s gives everyone a free tote bag and recipes. We also go over price comparisons during the tour and point out incredible bargins that are found in the store. It’s been SO COOL…..that it’s caused one snag…We have waiting list for tours a mile long and with only 10-12 people per tour (a small group is really important so that you can hear what’s going on in the tour and it can be as personal as possible, not to mention the store is open, so we are navigating through shoppers as we go) , it’s going to take a while to meet the demand.

SOOOO, we have come up with a really fun, short term solution while you wait for your turn to sign up for a tour……TRADER JOE’S IS GOING TO COME TO THE ST. CHARLES WEIGHT WATCHERS CENTER FOR A “TASTING PARTY’ AND EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!! Here are the details and remember, it’s open to EVERYONE. You don’t have to be a current Weight Watchers member to come and join the fun, so I hope to see every on Thursday! If you have questions, shoot me an email:

Trader Joe’s and Weight Watchers have partnered in providing in-store tours and are now bringing those tours to you.


Please join us for a free “Tasting Party”

Open House at the

St. Charles Weight Watchers Center


Thursday, September 29th

1:00pm – 2:30pm


Guests will enjoy:

  • Knowledge about foods that support healthy eating habits
  • Information on points plus friendly products
  • Recipes to help stay on target
  • Samples of low points plus foods
  • Give-a-ways from Trader Joe’s & Weight Watchers


Our partnered mission is to empower you with the information you need to succeed! Everyone is welcome, so feel free to bring friends and family!

No RSVP required, but if you know you are stopping by, shoot me an email because I am anxious to have an idea of how many people to expect!


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