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Brigid DeBruyker, Weight Watchers Leader and Chicago Marathon Participant, 2011!!!


Brigid DeBruycker is an amazing person, as all of you who already know her will agree. Several years ago, Brigid lost 60+ pounds on Weight Watchers, along with her husband Sean, who lost 80+ pounds, and she went on to become a Weight Watchers Leader. Brigid is the Mom of 3 boys and leads Weight Watchers meetings all over the Fox Valley area.

Brigid gives support, encouragement, love and laughter to the world every single day. It doesn’t matter who it is…whether it’s new people she meets, her friends, her family, co-workers or her Weight Watchers members, Brigid shares her shining bright smile and contagious laughter with everyone and the day becomes brighter. She’s just one of those special people that can make you feel happy the moment you’re in her presence.


So today, I would like for us all to give our positive thoughts, our loving energy and our prayers to support her as she runs the TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES that make up the Chicago Marathon! Brigid is not running a marathon for the very first time just to run it, she is also doing it to support the Susan G. Komen Marathon For The Cure. Not only did she train nearly everyday for the last 20 weeks to be able to run 26.2 miles, she also raised over $1660 to support breast cancer research! WOW! I told you she is amazing!

Hats off and hearts open to Brigid today! Keep her in your thoughts and let’s cheer her on as the race starts at about this very moment! GO BRIGID GO!!!! ****If you would like to donate to Brigid’s fundraising, go to:

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