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Use These Points Plus Values To Easily Plan Ahead!

A couple of day ago, I posted a letter from the local family who owns the restaurant called Fresh D’Lite in the Geneva Commons. If you missed it, just scroll down the home page of my blog to read it. Since then, I have received several inquiries about Fresh D’Lite and the Points Plus Values of the foods they offer. If you stop in Fresh D’Lite, they will give you a “cheat sheet” with the Points Plus values clearly outlined for you, but since I have it, I thought I would just post it for everyone to see and use.

Hope this is helpful!

Located in Geneva Commons just across the street from Starbucks.



Salad – Santa Fe Chicken (11 Points Plus)

Tostada Chicken (12 Points Plus)

Salad – Tomato Basil Chicken (7 Points Plus)

Salad – Sesame Chicken (7 Points Plus)

Salad – Cobb Peppered Chicken (8 Points Plus)

Sandwich – Chicken Dijon Panini (12 Points Plus)

Sandwich – Turkey Bacon Focaccia (10 Points Plus)

Sandwich – Chipotle Chicken Panini (11 Points Plus)

Sandwich – Portabella Mozzarella (9 Points Plus)

Sandwich – BBQ Pulled Chicken (10 Points Plus)

Premium Burger – Charbroiled (12 Points Plus)

Burrito – Santa Fe Chicken (14 Points Plus)

Burrito – Fajita Beef (14 Points Plus)

Taco – Steak (13 Points Plus)

Taco – Shrimp (11 Points Plus)

Wrap – Portabella Mozzarella (10 Points Plus)

Wrap – Chicken Herb Avocado (14 Points Plus)

Wrap – Steak N Potato (13 Points Plus)

Wrap – Turkey Bacon Pesto (13 Points Plus)

Bowl – Santa Fe Chicken on rice (11 Points Plus)

Bowl – Fajita Beef on rice (11 Points Plus)

Bowl – Chicken Stir- Fry ( 9 Points Plus)

Bowl – Edamame Chicken Noodle (10 Points Plus)

Bowl – Beef & Broccoli Noodle (9 Points Plus)

Pizza – Chicken Pizza and Salad (9 Points Plus)

Pizza – Pepperoni Pizza and Salad (9 Points Plus)

Soup and Salad (3 Points Plus)

A Message From Fresh D’Lite:

*We offer a TASTE You Love & NUMBERS You Want to Feel Good

*We Cook on Open Flame Grill – the Natural way Fresh ingredients from local farmers. Nothing is processed

*We are family owned, not a chain.

*All meals – $6.29 – 7.29 Kids meals – $3.99

*In Geneva Commons 1402 Commons Dr Geneva IL 60134 630 208 0104

*For full menu, go to www.freshdlite.com

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