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Roasted Squash~So SIMPLE~You Must Try It!

Cut butter nut squash from Trader Joe's is my favorite . We were at the Batavia store last night for a " WW Field Trip" and they had PLENTY in stock.

Almost every grocery store is carrying already cut and cubed squash because of the season and it’s natural abundance. This works out REALLY WELL for us, as WW members because not only is squash loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber….it’s also ZERO POINTS PLUS VALUES! Yahoooo!

I love this roasted squash recipe, but feel free to modify it however suits your taste best. I didn’t this time, but I often add fresh, pre-cut onion and mushroom to it, as well. However you make it, cubed squash

Olive Oil, Pumpkin Pie Spice, 2 Stevia Packets, Garlic Salt and Onion Salt

makes a terrific side dish instead of potatoes or add protein and make it a meal in itself. Top it with any number of sauces to change the flavor…..Franks Red Hot Sauce OR ketchup OR sugar free maple syrup OR parmesan cheese…. it doesn’t matter, it’s always delicious!

Heres’s what I do:

*Preheat oven to 425*

*Spritz baking sheet with olive oil or olive oil cooking spray.

*Cut open the bag of squash (don’t you LOVE how easy that is!) and arrange on baking sheet.

*Spritz with Olive Oil sparingly.

*Sprinkle with seasoning. The ones I like the best are listed below the photo.

*Bake until it gets soft and a little crispy, like hash browns….About 45 minutes, give or take. Your kitchen will start to smell WONDERFUL and you will know it’s almost done!

I am not really sure that this photo does the roasted squash justice, but I wanted you to have an idea of how it will look. Try it and let me know what you think!


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