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Sean Cramer, Someone YOU Want to Get to Know!

HAPPY MONDAY! This is an exciting week! Starting today, Sean Cramer, our Weight Watchers eTools Specialist, will be traveling with me giving eTools demonstrations at several of my Weight Watchers meetings throughout the week! Not only does he know everything there is to know about using and teaching eTools, he’s also a LIFETIME WW member AND Leader himself! Read his story for yourself below…it’s quite inspiring! Because he has a full time job in addition to leading his own WW meetings up in the Rockford area, he cannot join us for all of my meetings, but if you see a time that you can attend, feel free to drop in and join us whenever and where ever is convenient for you in addition to your regular meeting time. Remember, if you are WW member, you can attend as many WW meetings as you like per week at no extra cost (but you can only weigh in once a week…darn, I know you love nothing more than stepping on that scale!)……so come on in! If you are not a current WW member but would like to learn more about Points Plus 2012 AND all the cool stuff eTools has to offer, you are ALWAYS welcome to sit in on a meeting FOR FREE! Also, for anyone not familiar, when you have a monthly pass to WW, which is the most economical way to join the program, you automatically get access to eTools at NO COST. For anyone who is a Lifetime WW member, within 2 pounds of your goal weight, you get not only your WW meetings for FREE, but you also get a voucher for free eTools!

Why is WW making eTools so accessible and why and I making such a big deal about it?? Here’s why: The lastest research proves that WW members who use eTools lose FIFTY PERCENT more weight than those who do not! YES, 50% more weight! That’s a big difference and much of that is because eTools makes life on WW so EASY! As your WW leader, I am VERY committed to doing all I can to help you to succeed and I believe understanding eTools and how it can help you is KEY, so come and learn more about it!


Here’s my schedule and when Sean will be with me*:

*MON-Naperville 930a and noon-Sean at these meetings

*TUES-Schaumburg 10am-Sean at this meeting

TUES-Sycamore 1230p

WED-Naperville 930a and 1130a

THURS-STC 10a and noon

*THURS STC 5pm-Sean will be at this meeting

*FRI STC 830a and 930a-Sean will be at these meetings

*FRI South Elgin-noon-Sean will be at this meeting

Sean Cramer-Before Weight Watchers

“When I was twenty-five I found myself sitting in a doctor’s office for a check-up. He said my health was fine, but if I continued my weight in my 30’s and 40’s, things would not go well for me. Thus began a five-year attempt at weight-loss that would go something like this: I would be very strict and regimented, lose many pounds, only to be hit by a moment of weakness, and have it all come back with a vengeance. On one of these attempts, I had a friend encourage me to do Weight Watchers without paying (Fake-watchers). Not understanding all the concepts, I would end up spending all my points on pizza and candy bars early in the day and try water and carrot sticks later on.

All the yo-yo-ing came to a head in the summer of 2008 when due to a stressful job, I gained 60-70 pounds in 3 months, and finally resigned from that position in Texas, moving back to Illinois, where I continued a slow gain.

In March of 2010, I walked into a Weight Watchers location in Rockton, and learned the program for real. I learned how to eat, and some of the techniques to be successful. I attended

meetings every week, even when on vacation. And I took real hold of e-tools, and all the features of the websiteand extra tools. I lost 90 pounds on the program, became a lifetime member that November, and became a leader for Weight Watchers in July of 2011. I met that goal of being at a healthy weight in my 30’s, and am loving every bit of it.” ~Sean Cramer, eTools Specialist, WW Leader

Sean Cramer, Now, After Losing 90+ Pounds On Weight Watchers


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