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My Challenge To You



“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”. -Thomas Jefferson


Tah-Dah!!!!!!!!! We have just reached the first mile marker we set for ourselves in 2012! Back in January, I challenged you to set a realistic, achievable, short-term goal that could be accomplished by Valentine’s Day, which seemed far off at the time and now it’s HERE! We tell ourselves that losing weight takes “forever”, but in fact TIME FLIES and it FLIES BY whether you are losing weight or not, so why not just make the commitment to stick with it? Use today to reflect on your lifestyle over the last 6 weeks and jot down what’s been working for you and what hasn’t worked the way you thought it might. There is no such thing as failure….only feedback. If you have accomplished the behavior changes you set out to modify, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I cannot wait to hear about your success at the meetings this week. IF you might have fallen short in some areas, again, it’s not about failing, it’s about modification. Asking yourself WHY did you fall short and what can you do differently in the next 6 weeks to get different results. So often our goal setting is what needs to be modified. Whenever we set a goal, whether in weight loss or any other area of our lives, it’s imperative that it be realistic, livable and a good fit with our lives. So whatever you learn from your behaviors and actions over the last 6 weeks, use it to formulate what you are going to do with the next 6 weeks and we can talk more about that tomorrow. For today, let’s just celebrate the healthy changes you have made thus far and take time to really pat yourself on the back and enjoy Valentine’s Day! See you at the meeting!

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