Emotions and Perceptions

“Enough is as good as a feast.” ~English Proverb


As we move into the weekend, let’s keep in mind that contrary to popular American belief, MORE isn’t always better. There is no food that we “can’t have”, we just need to stay mindful of portions. This weekend, when you are dining out or socializing with friends, take the opportunity to pay attention to your body’s physical signals of hunger as well as satisfaction. If you are reading this thinking…“Hunger? What’s that?? Haven’t been hungry in years!!”, you are not alone, but this is REALLY the time to RE-LEARN your body’s physical cues!!! You may find that the satisfaction you are looking for, doesn’t even come from food.

Happy Friday! I will be in St. Charles this morning for our 830am and 930am meetings and then in South Elgin for our noon meeting. Have FABULOUS weekend!

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