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Emotions and Perceptions

Say YES to the Things That REALLY Matter In Your Life

“When we learn to say a deep, passionate yes to the things that really matter, then peace begins to settle onto our lives like golden sunlight sifting to a forest floor.” -Thomas Kinkade


Today, focus on all the things that really matter in your life and saying YES to them. What’s REALLY important? YES to feeling better by living healthier. YES to staying in control by making yourself accountable for what you eat, drink and how much you move. YES to having more energy and a better quality of life day-to-day.

Often people tell me that walking into Weight Watchers to join (or re-join) was one of the hardest things they have had to do but that the sense of relief that washed over them after doing it is incredible. It’s fear that keeps us from saying YES to what’s really important in our lives. Fear makes excuses like “it’s too hard”, “I might fail”, ” I can’t do it” but the truth is, you CAN do it and it starts with saying YES to yourself. Accepting where you are at in your life-journey right now and saying YES to it allows you to clear your mind and make new and different choices moving forward. Wasting precious energy fighting ourselves, resisting what we know we really want to bring into our lives just because we are scared is a vicious cycle. Don’t associate healthy living with being difficult or with deprivation or the removal of anything…..When we take control of our health through our actions the only thing we LOSE is the WEIGHT that bogs us down and keeps us from enjoying our lives! We GAIN control, confidence and joy from the peace that accompanies the realization that food does not control us and it never has. The only power food has is the power we chose to give it. I say we take that power back and start saying YES to ourselves!

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