Emotions and Perceptions

Food Tastes Better

"Food just tastes better to me now." -Laura Calderone, soon to be a Lifetime WW member with a weight loss of 131lbs

I had the absolute good fortune of getting to go to to New York City last week on a business trip to the Weight Watchers headquarters for a special project and I had the pleasure of traveling with very, very successful WW member. Laura Calderone is not only a LOVELY person, she is a lovely person who is 131 pounds smaller that she was two years ago, after joining Weight Watchers! She will be celebrating Lifetime status NEXT WEEK and is now working for WW! GO LAURA GO!

When we were not doing WW business, we spent a ton of time walking…Times Square, Central Park…and everywhere in between! It was wonderful to be in the inspiring company of someone who has made her own dreams come true and to get to hear about her journey and how her perspectives have changed. Sort of off the cuff one evening at dinner, she said “Food just tastes better to me now” and it really stuck with me because she is SO right. When you are conscious of the foods you are eating and the choices you are making, you are paying attention and not just mindless eating. It’s not that we are restricted, but at the same time, we won’t have everything at once, so the food you do chose IS more enjoyable, as it should be. What a great side effect to losing weight…you are eating less, but the food you do eat, becomes even MORE enjoyable!

I was thinking on my run this morning how it’s true of weekends too. I chose to use my Weekly Points Allowance and sometimes dip into my Activity Points on the weekends so that I can have some extra indulgences. I love the freedom to enjoy the fun foods and drinks of the weekend, but I also love getting back on track on Monday morning. It feels good to be eating healthy foods and portions. It’s a good sign when we LIKE the healthy way we are eating and the healthy activity that has now become part of our life. I am grateful for this change in perspective because there was a time when I didn’t see things this way and my perspective was so clouded with fear…I was afraid the exercise would be too difficult and I was always afraid that I wouldn’t get enough of the foods I liked. All those fears were just lies. ALL activity we do counts…it doesn’t have to be painful or hard and our Daily Points Target, along with our Weekly Points and Activity Points when we need them, are there to provides us with more than enough to satisfy.

So let’s hear it for Monday! Spring is in the air and there is NOTHING that we cannot accomplish in this fresh, new week! See you at the meetings today or sometime soon!

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