Emotions and Perceptions

Find The Stillness Inside You and Enjoy It


“In the midst of movement and chaos keep stillness inside of you.” -Deepak Chopra

Our lives are so busy that sometimes it feels as if our schedules run us rather than us running our schedules, but the truth is, that no matter how busy we are or no matter what situation we are put in, we really do have the option to go back to the stillness that is inside of us. This is a very important thing to remember when we are trying to break habits of compulsive or mindless eating. We can feel “chaos” when we are in situations that provide all kinds of unhealthy food options and our mind is racing with thoughts of “Oh I want that, but I know I shouldn’t have it”. Or sometimes the chaos comes from life situations and we feel helpless against the urges that like a magnet, seem to pull us to the to the fridge, the pantry or the drive-thru as if the food will somehow make the situation better.

As long as we continue to turn to food to find the feelings of stillness, peace and some semblance of order in our lives, we will always come up short. Gaining control of our eating is more about understanding ourselves and our needs than it is about will power. Will power is a temporary solution to controlling our food intake, but I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that at some point will power always ends up failing us. True change comes from understanding our needs and taking the initiative to find what truly fills those needs. Being kinder to ourselves and practicing self forgiveness is a terrific start to bringing a solid sense of peace and calm to ourselves, even in the midst of a busy life and managing a healthy intake of food becomes a whole lot easier.

Have a fabulous Wednesday and I hope to see you at the meeting this week, if I haven’t already!

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