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Let’s join forces and be “princesses” together!!! My adorable nieces, Maryn and Ellie who I love to pieces!

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:
“What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ~C.S. Lewis
If I had to name all the emotions that go along with being over-weight or feeling over-weight, isolation would definitely be one of them. A big part of why Weight Watchers is such a successful way to lose weight and keep it off is the group support experienced by attending our weekly meetings. We get a lot of “bang for our buck” at those 30 minute meetings: accoutability, inspiration, motivation, program knowledge and a place to vent our frustrations AND share our successes…just to name a few! But what about times when one 30 minute meeting is just not enough to get us through a tough time? We ALL feel like that at times and my strongest piece of advice is to BUDDY UP, BUTTER CUP! FInd yourself a friend or even just an acquaintance that has like goals and ask her to join forces with you. We all have great friends, family and spouses, but if they have never struggled with weight issues, they may not be your best sounding board in this area of your life and THAT’S OK! On of the best pieces of advice my Mom has ever given me was “Don’t expect one person to give you everything you need out of life” and it’s true. I use the quote all the time and I love it because it brings me comfort….”IT TAKES A VILLAGE”. To raise kids, to be successful at our jobs, to help our community and TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF!
You are not alone on this journey and if you partner up with someone who you can check in with (this day in age, texting and emailing works great because you can do it anywhere, anytime that’s convenient for you and they can read your message when it’s convenient for them) you will find that the journey not only becomes more fun, but you will also experience more success. And yes, I did say FUN! We ARE having FUN…Just trust me!
Gotta run…my little puppy, Oakley is waiting at my feet for me to take him on his walk! I have to show him to you because he’s so cute! See below! Have a great day and find a way to GET TO ONE OF MY MEETINGS, even though it’s a holiday week!

NOTE TO SELF: Never say never! I am not (was not) and dog person, but Darin, my hubby and Chase, my 11 year old, talked me into getting a puppy and guess who fell in love with him? YES, ME! This is Oakley, our 5 month old Petite Golden Doodle, who is waiting patiently for me to walk him. In my opinion, the best dog in the world! He doesn’t even shed or stink!

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