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MOCK-A-RITA – Tasty Tuesday with Terra~Week 6


With tomorrow being the 4th of July and the weather looking hot and steamy, it seems like the perfect time to revisit one of my favorite recipes…The Mock-A-Rita! This week in the meetings we are talking about how to stay on-program while on vacation or celebrating and this frosty drink might help with that during tomorrow’s celebration. It’s zero PointsPlus values if you have it without the alcohol and 4PPV if you add a jigger of tequila. CHEERS!


There are many variations of light margaritas but I must say, this is my all time favorite. We like our margaritas sour as opposed to sweet and these fit the bill! I have served them time and time again and no matter who’s in the crowd, it always gets rave reviews! With margaritas this good AND this comparatively low in Points Plus, it’s hard to “pay” the average 9 Points Plus values per 4 ounce to drink them out.

The deal with margaritas is the mix. This recipe is a 0 PP mix per serving, so you are only “paying” for the tequila, which is 4 Points Plus per jigger. A jigger is 1.5 oz. This entire recipe is 8 Points Plus values (because of the 3 oz of alcohol) and makes makes about 32oz by the time the ice cubes are added….so you decide how many servings. If you want 4 ounce margaritas you will get about 8 drinks and they will count for 1Points Plus each. If you prefer 8oz cocktails, you will get 4 servings at 2 points plus each. And…..you guessed it, if you want to divide the pitcher in half, it will still only cost you 4 Points Plus values.

Here’s All You Need!!

24 oz Diet Mountain Dew

1/2 Cup unsweetened Key Lime Juice

1 Tub of Crystal Lite Lemonade

2 Jiggers (1 jigger = 1.5 fl.oz.) Tequilla

20 ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in a pitcher, add ice and let chill for a couple of minutes and serve! If you prefer your cocktails frozen, just pour the mixture in your blender or Magic Bullet (usually takes 2 batches) and you’re all set. Enjoy!

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