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Rootbeer Float ~ Tasty Tuesday with Terra


Root Beer Float Smoothie

Hey Everyone!

They say today there’s a good chance that today is going to be the hottest day of the summer! It’s supposed to reach temps of over 100*! What a cooker!

So today’s Tasty Tuesday is the perfect snack on a hot summer afternoon or evening. There’s nothing like the taste of the sweet creaminess of an ice cold root beer float and I’ve found a way to spend only 2 PointPlus values to have it! Can you say BARGIN?????

And even though it’s super low in PonitsPlus values, I KNOW it’s delicious because as I made mine last night (see photo for ingredients) Cole, my 16 year old son, ask for a taste and then, as usual, right when I sat down to enjoy mine, asked me to make him one! To be honest, I take it as a complement and so getting up to make his isn’t so bad :). I pride myself on finding healthy snacks that are so good, no one notices! This is most definitely one of those!

It’s SO easy…use a cold can of diet root beer, a few ice cubes and a packet of the Weight Watchers Vanilla Smoothie mix (only available at WWs locations). Add all three ingredients in a blender and blend well until creamy. Serve with a straw!

******Added bonus*************
Weight Watchers Smoothie mixes (vanilla, chocolate and coconut, all have 2 PPValues) are on sale this week at all Weight Watchers locations. A box of 7 envelopes of smoothie mix is usually $7.95 and it’s only $4.95 this week!!! Such-a-deal!!!!!!!

Enjoy! See you at the meeting this week. Remember, we have the ActiveLink devices at the meetings and we will be talking all about activity!

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