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Pizza Wrap~Tasty Tuesday with Terra

Don’t forget tonight’s (Tuesday) event! I’m hoping you can join me at the Geneva WW Store at 7pm for an open discussion on tips and tricks to overcome late night snacking! It’s an hour long and it’s free to anyone who would like to participate. See you there! If you have any questions about it, shoot me an email at: terra@stonetowerproperties.com


Pizza Wrap

I pack a small cooler most weekdays because I’m on the road a lot for work. I’ve grown tired of my usual wraps and sandwiches, so I experimented with this one and it turns out to be delicious! Give it a try!

Pizza Wrap
2 PointsPlus

Soft Tortilla Shell (I use the Lawash tortillas that are huge and only 1 PointsPlus value)

1 wedge of Light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese (you can actually have 2 wedges for 1 PointsPlus value, if you’d like!)

Green Peppers sliced into strips

Tomato Sauce (If you have pizza sauce, that works great)

Basil, Oregano, salt and pepper, to taste.

All you do is spread the Laughing Cow cheese on the tortilla, lay the strips of peppers on top of it and scoop a little tomato or pizza sauce over the top. Now wrap up in foil and you’ve got a yummy pizza wrap for lunch or snack!

Hormel makes a very low PointsPlus turkey pepperoni that would add to this wrap nicely. Get creative with your options and enjoy!!!!!

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